Our Inspiration

Jewellery by Maayakriya has groundbreaking designs that are aesthetic in nature. We draw our inspirations from the renowned architecture of the Temples of India. We have re-imagined, redesigned traditional Jewellery to today’s niche market.

Designing and Planning

At Maayakriya, a design can take form in a few minutes or few months. We have our in-house kaarigars (smiths) who are professional designers and are always beaming with creativity. They are very highly skilled smiths with abundant knowledge of processing a precious metal from its raw form to beautiful master pieces. Our best silversmiths have all the processes In-House.


A simple metal to take form into intrinsic Jewellery takes a lot of beating. Here at Maayakriya, we offer the best quality in design, process, finish and the silver itself. Silver in the form of pellets or bars are used to make our statement Jewellery. You will be mesmerized to see the whole process of Jewellery making from the smallest detailing till the end finish.